Jégmadár & Fekete Gólya Apartments

Relax in style...

In the heart of Szigetköz, downtown of Mosonmagyaróvár, we warmly welcome our dear future guests. During the complete renovation of our apartments, in addition to safety, we also took into account the requirements of modern comfort.

The accommodation's favourable location and proximity to the Thermal Spa, the Ad Flexum shopping center, the town's shopping street, numerous dentists and other medical institutions can definitely be attractive to those travelling to our beloved town.

In addition, the triple border contains a lot of program opportunities, we can easily discover the sights and landmarks of Austria and Slovakia. Of course, those who want to spend some time in our town will not be bored either, as just a walk in the city center, a delicious lunch, or even a boat trip in Szigetköz will provide our guests with unforgettable experiences.

The host's greeting:

The people living here are surrounded by the magical world of Szigetköz every day. As a child, I spent a lot of time with my parents and grandmother in Dunasziget, because I was in the fortunate position that our family had a small holiday home there. We were there almost the whole summer along with my sister and cousins. Every day we went on hikes, picked mushrooms for our morning scrambled eggs, learned to row, bathed, and sunbathed. We breathed in the sweet smell of freshly cut hay, rolled down the side of the embankment choking with laughter, and then picked flowers to put them into a vase. If it rained, we played cards and board games all day. We simply loved being there, we had been waiting for this all year. We want to let our guests to soak in these experiences by the design, furnishing and atmosphere of our apartments. They were named after two beautiful, elegant birds native to Szigetköz: kingfisher and black stork.


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